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Hi! My name is Hélène and I am the owner of Crafty Bubble. 
I have been creative ever since I was a child and knew I always wanted to do something as a career where i could let my ideas grow!

In 2013....after travelling America and Canada and working hard in full time employment to save up...
I finally built a workshop in my garden and Crafty Bubble was born!

I started an Ebay shop and ever since then it has been a roller coaster passing 31,000 sales on Ebay alone and now selling on Etsy and restarting up the website.

Aside from spending a good chunk of the year preparing decorations for Christmas Markets, I suddenly got swept up into the cake industry and now spend most of my time creating beautiful wooden and acrylic cake toppers and decorations and now supply a large number of cake makers across the UK.
I have a huge range of personalised items...not just for cakes!
There is no limit to the creativity I have and I look forward to where my business is heading in the future!
Thank you for checking out the website!


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